About Clinical Enrollment

Our story

When our founder Bryan Manning discovered a clinical trial that could have cured his retinal eye disease failed because it could not find enough patients, he was devastated. He then made it his mission to never allow a trial to fail, because it could not find the patients the treatment could benefit the most.

He turned his world-class team from Two Blind Brothers, the fastest-growing cause-driven company in the country, to change the landscape of clinical trial recruitment by leveraging the greatest patient outreach tool ever created, social platforms.

Clinical Enrollment treats every clinical trial as a unique startup; crafting your novel story, developing content to reflect your values, and using the most sophisticated multi-platform targeting to find the perfect patients for your trial. Because we believe you are changing the future of medicine, and we want to be a part of your extraordinary story.

Why we exist

Continuing to recruit the same way will lead to the same disappointing results

trials miss recruitment milestones
more clinical trials than 5 years ago
days on average to recruit a study participant
daily cost of a phase 3 clinical trial
of patients found clinical trials through social media
hours average time spent on social platforms per day by average American

Our people

Each member of the Clinical Enrollment team is a world-class talent, from multi-platform targeting, website development, and content creation, to recruitment operations, legal and patient pipeline management. Our skill set allows us to be disease agnostic, but we strive to work with diseases and treatments we have a personal connection to. Being passion specific allows our team to intimately understand the patient experience, realize how vital your treatment is, and care as deeply as you do that it comes to market as quickly as possible. Our passion is what drives us to find patients because we see our friends, family and community in each one of them.

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