Our Approach

We get to
know you

We read everything about your mission, treatment, and disease category. We then talk to you about what defines you and why this drug is so unique that your team has dedicated themselves to bringing it to market.

We understand
your patients

We scour online forums, patient perspective articles, and medical journals and interview patients about what is unique about their disease, what resonates most with them, and what would move them to take their healthcare into their own hands and join a clinical trial.

We craft
your story

With all of our learnings, our videography team travels to interview your team and patients to tell the interwoven story of the science and what it would mean to the affected community. At the same time, we build a personalized website for your trial to continue that same story and further compel your patient community to see if they qualify.

We tell
your story

We create a constellation of influence online. We specifically target your patients across all social platforms, search engines, and their favorite websites. Think about Facebook, Google, and the sidebars of WSJ, so that when your patients think of their disease, your trial is synonymous.

We screen
your patients

On your custom-tailored website, we focus on moving patients to our Clinical Enrollment qualification pipeline. Built to efficiently sift through patients by seamlessly asking questions about inclusion and exclusion criteria before scheduling time to speak with our US-based phone screeners.

We introduce your
patients to your sites

After we have twice-qualified patients online and over the phone, we integrate them into your clinical sites’ current workflows and provide those sites with all relevant patient information.

We keep
patients moving

Patients in the screening or randomization process are precious, so we stay in touch with them. We send check-ins and appointment reminders and act as another resource to keep them moving through your trial.

You hit
your milestones

Everything we do is aimed at one simple thing, you hitting your recruitment milestones. Patients deserve better medicine, so let us help you find them so that you can treat them better.

Need highly-targeted clinical trial participants?
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